AE Essential Shortcuts

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Here are some of the After Effects shortcuts that I use most frequently. I find it’s easiest to memorize them when you just learn a few at a time and make an effort to use them until they become automatic. You may know some of these already but there are probably at least a couple that you may not know and are definitely worth learning.

PC shortcut keys are listed but work the same on Mac in almost all case Read More

Wacom tablets with Cinema 4D, Avid, Sorenson Squeeze…

wacom tablet

After installing Cinema 4D R15 I found that the Wacom Intuos 4 mouse no longer worked correctly when set to “mouse” mode in the Wacom settings.If you open a menu and try to select something in the menu you cannot. For example, if you click and hold the primitives menu so it opens and then try to select one of the objects the mouse does not highlight anything in the menu and you cannot click to select anything. When you click the menu just disappears. Read More

Recoloring Black and White Artwork In Illustrator

When designing logos or icons I like to work in black and white or grayscale for the initial design so I don’t get distracted by the colors, and then color it last. Illustrator’s “recolor artwork” feature is a great tool for experimenting with colors, but by default it won’t recolor black and white artwork.

To recolor black and white artwork you have to click on the color reduction options icon and uncheck the Preserve option for Black, White and/or Grays.

recolor in AI 01 Read More