Recoloring Black and White Artwork In Illustrator

When designing logos or icons I like to work in black and white or grayscale for the initial design so I don’t get distracted by the colors, and then color it last. Illustrator’s “recolor artwork” feature is a great tool for experimenting with colors, but by default it won’t recolor black and white artwork.

To recolor black and white artwork you have to click on the color reduction options icon and uncheck the Preserve option for Black, White and/or Grays.

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Calendar Flip Template

This is a template that I put together from a couple of past projects where I needed to animate flipping through the pages of a calendar. I’ve included calendars for all 12 months of 2013 and you can also use your own calendars or other artwork. See the notes in the project folder for instructions. Works with AE CS5 or higher. Here’s a preview of the default animation, which you can of course change to suit your needs.

Download Project Files


Photoshop Picture Frame Template 01

Here’s a nice little template for creating different styles of picture frames
suitable for anything from a classy piece of art to a velvet Elvis! All of the frame parts are just shape layers with layer styles applied so it’s very easy to customize them however you like. You can turn the different layers on and off to change the look or play around with the layer style settings. Since they’re all made from shape layers you can just copy/paste the layer styles onto your own custom shapes. Read More