Wacom tablets with Cinema 4D, Avid, Sorenson Squeeze…

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After installing Cinema 4D R15 I found that the Wacom Intuos 4 mouse no longer worked correctly when set to “mouse” mode in the Wacom settings.If you open a menu and try to select something in the menu you cannot. For example, if you click and hold the primitives menu so it opens and then try to select one of the objects the mouse does not highlight anything in the menu and you cannot click to select anything. When you click the menu just disappears. It works only when the mouse is set to “pen” mode, which is much less than ideal. In R14 the mouse mode worked perfectly fine by default. This is the same problem that I have had with Avid and Sorenson Squeeze and finally found out it was due to the UI being created with a UI design tool called QT from a company called TrollTech and their UI software is apparently incompatible with the Wacom tablet in mouse mode for some reason.

I submitted a support ticket to Maxon and this was their reply, which worked for me:

Solution: Inside of CINEMA 4D, go to the Preferences window (Edit > Preferences).  In the Preferences window, inside the Input Devices settings, try checking on the Graphic Tablet checkbox.  This should enable your Wacom tablet and pen to work inside of CINEMA 4D.  You may also need to toggle the Hi-Res Tablet checkbox as well, depending on the Wacom drivers you are using.


MAXON Technical Support

I had to do both of those things to get it to work but it did fix the issue for me.

Unfortunately the problem still exists in Avid Media Composer and Sorenson Squeeze and I haven’t found a real fix like with C4D. If you’ve ever used the mouse in pen mode you know how bad it can suck. However, there is a workaround that is not too bad, which is to set the mouse to pen mode for those applications only.

To do this, open Sorenson or Avid and go into your Wacom tablet settings (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Wacom Tablet Properties), click the plus sign for Applications and select the App you want. It will then appear in the Applications list. Select it and select the mouse from the Tool list and go to the Mouse’s Mapping tab and set the Mode to Pen.

The other thing that made pen mode much more tolerable was to set the Tablet Area for the mouse to a small area so it responds more like a regular mouse instead of having to drag it around the whole surface of the tablet to move the cursor. This worked with an Intuos 4 but for some reason it ignores the area I define on my Intuos 3.

Anyway, I hope that saves you some of the headaches I endured trying to figure all of this out.



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