Calendar Flip Template

This is a template that I put together from a couple of past projects where I needed to animate flipping through the pages of a calendar. I’ve included calendars for all 12 months of 2013 and you can also use your own calendars or other artwork. See the notes in the project folder for instructions. Works with AE CS5 or higher. Here’s a preview of the default animation, which you can of course change to suit your needs.

Download Project Files


14 thoughts to “Calendar Flip Template”

    1. Sure John, You can use it for any commercial project or whatever you like, you just can’t redistribute or sell it. Thanks for asking.

    1. There is no tutorial video for this template if that’s what you are asking. You will need to have and be proficient in After Effects and Illustrator to modify the template but I’ve made it as easy as I can to make changes. If you have a specific question I will try to help if I can.

    1. Sure, you can use it in whatever video you like, you just can’t sell the template itself or redistribute it. No credit to me is required but feel free to leave a link back to site if you like. Again, not required. Thanks

  1. Thanks, it’s really cool animation. I’m working on my friend wedding. They want an animation to display their birthdays. This should fit what they need. Can I use this template for them?

  2. Very cool animation! I was able to change the AI precomps, I see that you have these for all the months. How would I continue the animation so that I could flip through the whole year?

    1. Thanks, Nate. It’s possible to rework the template to handle a whole year but it would take a bit of work. I made this template to be easy to change the pages but it’s not really set up to add more pages easily.

      Basically you would need to duplicate the three layers for each page and rename them, move the keyframes for the page turn, on the top layer, then change the layer reference in the “fold position” expression to point to the correct page. For example, if you add a “pg 4” to the template you would need to change the expression like this:

      thisComp.layer(“pg 4“).effect(“CC Page Turn”)(“Fold Position”)

      The layers are also offset in the Z position by 2 pixels so they are stacked on top of each other. This gives thickness to the stack of pages and also keeps them from intersecting and causing weird flickering issues in the render that can occur when 3D layers occupy the same position. So if you have 12 months then page 1 would need to be at -24 (12×2=24), then -22, -20, etc. I actually just noticed that pg 1 in the template is wrong – doh!

      Finally, you would just need to move the keyframes on the bottom page (blue layer) accordingly.



  3. I work for a non-profit, are we allowed to use these templates on non-sales items? (We play a tip of the week in the building, to our members).

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