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AE Essential Shortcuts

  Here are some of the After Effects shortcuts that I use most frequently. I find it’s easiest to memorize them when you just learn a few at a time and make an effort to use them until they become automatic. You may know some of these already but there are probably at least a …

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Photoshop Layer Styles

A collection of some of my Photoshop layer styles. Copy the .asl files to your Photoshop presets>styles directory, then restart PS if it was open.    

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wacom tablet

Wacom tablets with Cinema 4D, Avid, Sorenson Squeeze…

After installing Cinema 4D R15 I found that the Wacom Intuos 4 mouse no longer worked correctly when set to “mouse” mode in the Wacom settings. If you open a menu and try to select something in the menu you cannot. For example, if you click and hold the primitives menu so it opens and …

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Dissolves Pack 01 reference-small

Dissolves Pack 01

Here’s a template I originally put together for my own use but thought I’d share it since it’s pretty useful. This AE template has six different luma matte dissolves that you can use as they are or modify to your liking. Just import the AE project file drop the comps into your timeline. You can …

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Bokeh Blurred Light Elements

These are bokeh light effects extracted from a photo taken by photographer and fellow designer Keith Harris, who was kind enough to let me post them on the site. They have been cut out and unmultiplied so they will work great as custom particles in trapcode particular or for adding the bokeh light effect to still images, …

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recolor in AI 01

Recoloring Black and White Artwork In Illustrator

When designing logos or icons I like to work in black and white or grayscale for the initial design so I don’t get distracted by the colors, and then color it last. Illustrator’s “recolor artwork” feature is a great tool for experimenting with colors, but by default it won’t recolor black and white artwork. To …

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calendar flip template slider image

Calendar Flip Template

This is a template that I put together from a couple of past projects where I needed to animate flipping through the pages of a calendar. I’ve included calendars for all 12 months of 2013 and you can also use your own calendars or other artwork. See the notes in the project folder for instructions. …

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snow template poster frame

AE Snow Template

Here’s a template for creating various types of snow and rain particles with Trapcode Particular that will work great for motion graphics or VFX work. You can set the amount of snowflakes, wind speed and direction, turbulence and other options to create anything from light snow flurries to a heavy snow storm, or even rain. …

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PseudoNami poster frame

PseudoNami Water Simulation Template

Red Giant’s awesome Psunami plug-in is the undisputed king of water simulation in AE, however, it’s not cheap, can be tricky to use and takes quite a while to render, especially at the high quality settings. So when I’ve needed a quick water simulation I’ve sometimes used the fractal noise with some other effects to …

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Picture Frames preview

Photoshop Picture Frame Template 01

Here’s a nice little template for creating different styles of picture frames suitable for anything from a classy piece of art to a velvet Elvis! All of the frame parts are just shape layers with layer styles applied so it’s very easy to customize them however you like. You can turn the different layers on …

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