Jul 21

Dissolves Pack 01

Dissolves Pack 01 reference-small

Here’s a template I originally put together for my own use but thought I’d share it since it’s pretty useful. This AE template has six different luma matte dissolves that you can use as they are or modify to your liking. Just import the AE project file drop the comps into your timeline. You can …

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Jun 08

Bokeh Particles

These are real bokeh particles from a photo taken by photographer and fellow designer Keith Harris, who was kind enough to let me post them on the site. I cut them out to use as particle sprites in trapcode particular for an animation we were working on and they worked out very well. They are …

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Mar 30

Calendar Flip Template

This is a template that I put together from a couple of past projects where I needed to animate flipping through the pages of a calendar. I’ve included calendars for all 12 months of 2013 and you can also use your own calendars or other artwork. See the notes in the project folder for instructions. …

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Mar 23

Pixeden – free templates and presets

pixeden text effects image

I stumbled on this site this past weekend and they have some really nice templates and other design stuff. Some are free, including the text templates shown below and they also have textures, backgrounds, vector graphics, mockup templates and more. Their “premium” products require a paid membership but it’s very reasonable. No, I’m not getting …

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Dec 17

Jade Photoshop Layer Style

This “gem” of a layer style (sorry) is compatible with Photoshop CS5 and above.  

Dec 17

“Slimy” Photoshop layer style

Add some slime to your design with this slimy Photoshop layer style. Compatible with Photoshop CS5 and above. Tips: For some different looks try various textures in the bevel and emboss settings or turn off the texture for a gummy worm look. Scale the effects up or down to adjust for different size/styles of fonts …

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Dec 16

AE Snow Template

Here’s a template for creating various types of snow and rain particles with Trapcode Particular that will work great for motion graphics or VFX work. You can set the amount of snowflakes, wind speed and direction, turbulence and other options to create anything from light snow flurries to a heavy snow storm, or even rain. …

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Aug 05

“Ruins” Photoshop Layer Style

An ancient-looking treatment for text or whatever you want to look old. Compatible with CS5 or later. TIP: For some added errosion and texture like in the sample image, add a layer mask and hit it with a grunge brush set to about 50% opacity.  

Aug 05

“Wired” Photoshop Layer Style

Photoshop layer style with a techie circuit board look. Works best with square typefaces. Adjust the Satin Distance value for some variation of the “wires”. Works with CS5 or newer.  

Jul 22

Metal layer styles 01

Metal layer styles 01

Three rough metal layer styles. Compatible with CS5 or newer.  

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